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23 August, 2016

Exitus op Canvas (VRT) vanaf 29 augustus elke maandag om 21u40.

Exitus op NPO 3 (NTR) vanaf 1 september elke donderdag om 21u50.


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Off World News
20 July, 2016

KONGO la série sera rediffusée sur la TROIS

Episode 1:
23/07/2016 à 21h01
27/07/2016 à 23h45
30/07/2016 à 02h03

Episode 2:
23/07/2016 à 21h54
28/07/2016 à 00h38
31/07/2016 à 01h45

Episode 3:
30/07/2016 à 21h00
03/08/2016 à 23h36
06/08/2016 à 02h10



Off World News
18 July, 2016

Wij werken volop aan het nieuwe project Schrijven in de Lage Landen, een co-productie met Interakt (NL) en Casa Kafka Pictures (BE).
Deze 25-delige serie van korte portretten van schrijvers uit de Lage Landen is gemaakt door gerenommeerde filmmakers uit Vlaanderen en Nederland.

De serie gaat in première op de Frankfurter Buchmesse (boekenbeurs van Frankfurt) in oktober.

Off World News
18 July, 2016

Exitus zal vanaf 29 augustus elke maandag op Canvas te zien zijn!

In Nederland wordt de reeks vanaf 1 september elke donderdag uitgezonden op NTR!

My Ras Tafari Roots titel
3 March, 2016
My Ras Tafari Roots premiere 21/4

The official premiere of My Ras Tafari Roots will take place at De Roma in Antwerp on April 21.

Director David Verhaeghe and co-author Karel Michiels will give an introduction and afterwards there will be two dj's: Sugar Charly and Karel "Jah Shakespear" Michiels. 

Tickets can be purchased here.

My Ras Tafari Roots titel
21 December, 2015
My Ras Tafari Roots at DocPoppies

My Ras Tafari Roots will be shown at DocPoppies on January 19 in Bruges, Kortrijk, Ghent, Antwerp, Heist-op-den-berg, Brussels, Leuven and Koersel!


Watch trailer here!

Off World News
21 December, 2015
Archibelge out on DVD now

The luxery DVD box of Archibelge is out now!
Available in stores as Fnac, Standaard Boekhandel, Media Markt,... and online.
With English, French or Dutch subtitles.

Off World News
1 June, 2015
Archibelge on VOD

The series Archibelge is now available with English subtitles on VOD!

Archibelge is vanaf nu via VOD te bekijken op:


Off World News
20 February, 2015

We are glad to announce El Color Del Camaleon, directed by Andres Lubbert, is selected for Pitching du Réel 2015 in Nyon!

Off World News
20 January, 2015
Rêve Kakujdi screened at Congolisation

Rêve Kakudji will be screened at the Congolisation Festival coming Friday 23/01 at 20.30, Pianofabriek Brussels! // Rêve Kakudji sera projecté à le Festival Congolisation vendredi 23/01 à 20.30, Pianofabriek Bruxelles! // Rêve Kakudji wordt vertoond op het Congolisation Festival deze vrijdag 23/01 om 20.30, Pianofabriek Brussel!

Off World News
20 January, 2015

Desert Haze by Sofie Benoot is selected for the Docpoint Film Festival in Finland and will be screened Friday 30/01 and Saturday 31/01.
We're also very proud to announce Desert Haze will be screened at Big Sky Festival in Montana, Sunday 08/02 and Saturday 14/02.

Off World News
22 August, 2014
The Boy is Gone at Benoit Poelvoorde's Intime Festival

The Boy is Gone is selected by Benoît Poelvoorde for his Intime Festival in Namur. The film will be screened the 31th of August. At the second edition of his festival, Famous actor Benoit Poelvoorde made a selection actors and novellists who will invite the public to explore poetry, novels and other texts and its connection to photography and film.

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Off World News
8 July, 2014
Little Heaven in Italy

The film Little Heaven by Lieven Corthouts is selected for 2 Italian Film Festivals: Faito Doc Festival in Monte Faito (4th - 9th of august 2014) and the Sole Luna Festival in Treviso (15th till 21th of September)

Off World News
26 May, 2014
Rêve Kakujdi screened in Congo

Rêve Kakudji will be screened at the Salaam Kivu International Film Festival (SKIFF) in Goma (July 4-12 2014) // Rêve Kakudji sera projeté au Film Festival Internationa Salaam Kivul (SKIFF) à Goma (entre le 4 et 12 Juillet 2014) // Rêve Kakudji is geselecteerd voor het Salaam Kivu Internationaal Film Festival (SKIFF) in Goma (tussen 4 en 12 juli 2014)

Off World News
25 May, 2014
The Last Passage

The Last Passage by Iurre Telleria and Enara Goikoetzea will be broadcasted on monday 26th of May around 9.30 PM, onRTBF LaTrois /// The Last Passage de Iurre Telleria et Enara Goikoetzea sera re-diffusé sur  La Trois de la RTBF, le lundi 26 Mai à 21h30  /// he Last Passage van Iurre Telleria en Enara Goikoetzea wordt op maandag 26 mei om 21u30 heruitgezonden op  La Trois van de RTBF

Off World News
7 April, 2014

Desert Haze, a film by Sofie Benoot is selected for the Feature Length competition at Visions du Réel. The World premiere will be held the 28th of April. Besides her selected film, Sopfie will also pitch her new project, California City, which she will co-direct with Isabelle Tollenaere and Liesbeth De Ceulaer.

Off World News
15 March, 2014
Reinhoud, mon Sculpteur wins 2 awards

Reinhoud, mon Sculpteur by Blaise D'Haese wins 2 awards at the 9th Festival Internationalk du Film Métiers D'Art in Montpellier. Besides the Prix Découverte, Reinhoud, mon Sculpteur, won also the Prix du public. (,2,67.htm)

Off World News
9 December, 2013
Red Star Line now on DVD!

The 2 DVD Box of the Red Star Line
documentary Series is availabe in te most dvd-cd-bookstores, such as
Fnac, Mediamarkt, Standaard Boekhandel and many more. Also availabe
online by,,...

Off World News
18 September, 2013

The documentary series RED STAR LINE by Daniel Cattier and Fabio Wuytack will be broadcasted on Tuesday 1, 8 and 22 October on VRT-Canvas /// The documentaire serie RED STAR LINE van Daniel Cattier en Fabio Wuytack wordt op VRT-Canvas uitgezonden op dinsdag 1, 8 en 22 oktober telkens om 21u10 /// La série de documentaires RED STAR LINE de Daniel Cattier et Fabio Wuytack sera diffusé sur VRT-Canvas le mardi 1, 8 ey 22 octobre vers 21h10. La diffusion sur la RTBF suivrera en mois de novembre.

Off World News
6 September, 2013
Rêve Kakudji selected to the Idfa!

Rêve Kakudji, the documentary film by Ibbe Daniëls and Koen Vidal is selected for the IDFA, the prestigeous documentary festival in Amsterdam. More information will follow. Besides that, Rêve Kakudji, is also selected and sceened at the Filmfestival Oostende and the Festival International de Film Francophone in Namur, Belgium.
From october the film will be screened in many film theaters in Belgium /// Rêve Kakudji, le film documentaire de Ibbe Daniëls et Koen Vidal a été selectionné pour le IDFA, le festival de documentaire prestigieux à
Amsterdam. En outre, Rêve Kakudji, est également selectionné pour le festival de film d'Oostende et le Festival International de Film Francophone à Namur.
à partir du mois d'octobre le film projeté dans plusieurs théatres et cinémas en Belgique.

Off World News
31 May, 2013
3 Off World films at the Milleniumfestival

The Millenium Documentary Festival selected three Off World (co-) productions. Little heaven by Lieven Corthouts (screening: 01/06/2013 at Cinema Vendôme - 4PM), La Terre Amoureuse by Manu Bonmariage (screening: 01/06/2013 at 2PM) and The Only Son by Simonka De Jong (screening: 09/06/2013 at Cinema Vendôme - 4PM). The Millenium Festival is held in Brussels form the 31th of may till the 9th of june 2013.

Off World News
4 May, 2013
Reinhoud, mon Sculpteur sur la RTBF

Le film Reinhoud, mon Sculpteur de Blaise D'Haese sera diffusé dans Quai des Belges sur LaDeux (RTBF) le jeudi 9 mai, vers 22h50 et en rediffusion sur LaTrois le samedi 11 mai à 00h40 /// Reinhoud, mijn beeldhouwer wordt op donderdag 9 mei uitgezonden op LaDeux (RTBF) omstreeks 22u50 in het programma Quai des Belges, en heruitgezonden op zaterdag 11 mei op LaTrois rond 00u40.

Off World News
22 April, 2013
The Only Son

The Only Son by Simonka de Jong is selected for Hot Docs!

Off World News
29 March, 2013

Rêve Kakudji, by Ibbe Daniëls and Koen Vidal is selected for Docville 2013 (Leuven 3-11 mei) /// Rêve Kakudji, le film de Ibbe Daniëls et Koen Vidal est selectionné pour Docville 2013 (entre le 3 et le 11 mai à Louvain) /// Rêve Kakudji, van Ibbe Daniëls en Koen Vidal is geselecteerd voor Docville 2013 (in Leuven tussen 3 en 11 mei)

Off World News
28 March, 2013
La Terre Amoureuse at Docville 2013

La Terre Amoureuse, by Manu Bonmariage is selected for Docville 2013 (Leuven 3-11 mei) /// La Terre Amoureuse, un film de Manu Bonmariage est sélectionné à Docville 2013  (entre le 3 et le 11 mai à Louvain) ///La Terre Amoureuse, van Manu Bonmariage is geselecteerd voor Docville 2013 (in Leuven tussen 3 en 11 mei)

18 March, 2013
Avant-premiere RÊVE KAKUDJI

Rêve Kakudji,
the documentary film by Ibbe Daniëls and Koen Vidal is almost finished and will celebrate her avant-première at KVS BOL, saturday 6th of April at 8PM.

La Terre Amoureuse
16 March, 2013
La Terre Amoureuse on RTBF

La Terre Amoureuse, the new film by Manu Bonmariage will be broadcasted on RTBF, the 14th of april around 11PM on La Une /// La Terre Amoureuse, le nouveau film de Manu Bonmariage sera diffusé le 14 avril vers 23h sur La Une de la RTBF /// La Terre Amoureuse, de nieuwe film van Manu Bonmariage zal op 14 april omstreeks 23 uur worden uitgezonden op La Une (RTBF). Meer nieuws over de uitzending op Canvas volgt later.

Reinhoud, my sculptor
2 March, 2013

Reinhoud, my sculptor, by Blaise D'haese is selected for the Artfifa in Montréal, and will be screened on Monday, 18 March 2013 - 18h30 and on Saturday, 23 March 2013 - 16h00.

The Boy is Gone
20 February, 2013
TBIG Jewish film fest

'THE BOY IS GONE' will be screened jeudi/donderdag/thursday 7 mars 20h at