Art Collectors

Frank Van den Engel


a documentary series by Frank van den Engel, in co-production with Zeppers Film & TV, Kloos und Co, VRT-Canvas.

Over the last few years, the world of the contemporary arts has been subjected to drastic change. Our modern-day taste is no longer determined by the great museums or by the critics but by dealers and mega rich collectors. This film looks into the transformation of the art world and the consequences this shift of power is having on artists, collectors, dealers, museums and the history of art.
With this documentary series we are entering into the world of contemporary arts through portraits of the most important Art Collectors worldwide. From the personal position, interests and choices, Art Collectors want to unravel the different processes involved in the actual micro-economy of art business to better understand the social- economical standing of our daily society.


Frank van den Engel (1956, Rotterdam) started Zeppers Film & TV in 1997. Nowadays he combines pro- duction work with the development and realization of his own film projects, and with the coaching of first time directors. His debut Normaal - I always come back (82 mins) was theatrically released in 2002. Between Heaven and Earth (70 mins) was released in the cinema in 2007. His latest documentary is a portrait of Dutch photographer Gerard Fieret: Photo & Copyright by G.P. Fieret.